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My name is Rebbie.  I'm the founder of YOFA and the author of Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment.  With this book, you learn a complete system of inner alignment that you can do all on your own. 

The back portion of the book contains specific meditation exercises to build your skill, awareness, and results with this system.

Meditation Recordings

With the audio files available on this page, you are free to close your eyes and go deep into the meditations without reading or fumbling with the book.  If you are even halfway serious about working with the book, these rcordings are a must.

Special Bonus

When you buy these recordings today, you get the recording of the sacred healing workshop:

"Weaving Your Life With Ancient Threads:
A Path of Healing"

Read what others say about this workshop:


"Rebbie, you are wonderful. Thank you. I needed to hear your words. "

"Since I started using your book Rooted in the Infinite in 2012 I've been experiencing more coincidences and synchronicity in my daily life...The webinar last week opened up a new window of possibilities for me. The audio guides are an excellent supplement to the exercises in the book and I'm excited and looking forward to bring my goal(s) to fruition."
                                                - Walter Lee
"Rebbie... the recording was so powerful when I listened to it this morning... So many thoughts and insights running through my mind and heart...Tears are overflowing as I write this... Thank for your beauty and your teachings. Thank you for being you."

Click HERE to purchase the meditation mp3s and get your bonus healing workshop recording.

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